Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Pork Dumplings (水饺)

The Chinese dumpling is the most important food of the Chinese New Year. Fashioned in the shape of gold ingots, or purses, dumplings symbolize wealth. Making dumplings is really a team work. Usually family members gather together the day before New Year's to make large quantities, and hide coins in some of the dumplings, even the children get involved. Those who find the coins on New Year's Day are sure to have good fortune during the coming year. Traditionally, the host sends dumplings home with each guest. The history of jiaozi dates back to ancient times, some 500-600 years ago. China has been perfecting the art of dumpling making since the Sung dynasty. They can be served steamed, boiled, or fried, and best when served with a dipping sauce.

Pork Dumplings


Dumpling wrappers

1/2 Cup of napa cabbage

1/8 tsp salt

1/2 LB. Ground pork

1/2 Cup of chopped spring onions

1 Tbsp sesame oil

1 Tbsp of Shaoshing, or rice wine

1 Tbsp of water

Dash of white pepper

Instructions for the Filling:

1.Chop the napa cabbage to a fine chop, and add salt.

2.Let the cabbage sit in a large bowl for 10 to 15 minutes then pour it into a clean dish towel. Gather up the ends of the towel and wring the moisture out of the cabbage.

3.Mix together the ground pork, spring onions, oil, wine, water,sugar, white pepper, and salt in the bowl.

Mix till it's thoroughly combined.

Wrapping the Dumplings, Purse Fold:

1.Place a dough circle in the palm of your hand, and add a spoonful of filling to the center of the dough circle.

2.To do this purse fold, wet your finger with some water, and trace around the edge of the circle of dough. Then fold it in half and press together the top of the edge. Then press each side together, while crimping it. Creating 4 little pleats.

Cooking the Dumplings:

1.Bring a pot of water about 4 inches deep to a boil.

2.Tenderly slide in the dumplings to the water.

3.When the water begins to boil again, add in 2 cups of cold water.

4.Wait for the water to boil the second time, then add water again.

After the water boils the third time, it's done! Reduce the heat,

and then gently remove them from the water to a large plate, and serve with dipping sauce.

Cooks Helpful Hints:

Dust a plate with rice flour to prevent the dumplings from sticking.

Dumplings tend to dry out on the edges first, so if you notice this cover them with plastic wrap.

Make sure you use enough filling. You want a stuffed purse, with lots of filling.

After thoroughly steaming, or boiling the dumplings, you can pan fry them. This is commonly known as "pot stickers".

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  1. From the picture, it looks like "Chaoshou 炒手" or "huntun 馄饨".^^