Sunday, April 6, 2014

Soy Milk ( 豆浆 )

Soy milk has about the same protein as cow milk, but in my view taste a lot better, has a better texture, and much healthier, at least if you make it at home. Home made soy milk is pure, simple to make, and taste amazingly different than the box soy products that have extra added preservatives, and taste enhancers. It take about 15 minutes actual preparation time, is fun, and rewarding to make, and the cost about 25 cents a gallon to make it yourself.

220 A.D. An interesting kitchen scene was discovered (during the 1980s) on a mural incised on a stone slab in Han Tomb No. 1, at Da-hu-ting (Ta-hu-t'ing), Mixian (Mi-hsien), Henan Province, in northern China. Part of the scene clearly depicts the preparation of soy milk and tofu, suggesting that they were being made in northern China during the Eastern/Later Han period (A.D. 25-220). The oldest written reference to soy milk appeared in also in China at about A.D. 1500., in a poem "Ode to Tofu" by Su Ping.

Soy Milk


 1/2 Cup dehydrated Non-GMO soy beans (not genetically modified)

 2 qt. water

 sugar to taste

24x24 Square of cheese cloth doubled


1. Soak the dehydrated soy beans in water over night, or at least 6 hours.

2. In a blender put half of the soy beans, and pour in about a cup of water, and blend on high.

3. Add in the rest of the first quart of water, and blend on liquefy setting for about 2 minutes.

4. Put a wire strainer over a stock pot, and lay over a 24x24 square of cheese cloth that has been doubled, over the strainer.

5. Pour soy bean mixture into cheese cloth, and strainer.

6. After all the liquid has drained, wring out cheese cloth, just to make sure all of the liquid has been released.

7. Set left over bean pulp to the side.

8. Repeat steps 1-7 again.

9.On medium heat, continually stirring bring the temperature of the liquid to 180 degrees.

10. Add sugar to taste.

11.You now have soy milk.

Cooks Helpful Hints:

You can purchase dehydrated soy beans at Whole Foods, and most every other health food store, or Asian market.

With the soy bean pulp you can make a wonderful tasting, and healthy humus. I then use cucumber slices to dip into the soy humus.

I add mung beans (Chinese green beans) to my soy milk for a stronger flavor, and more vitamin's. Also add almonds, or vanilla beans for even different flavors.

If you like your soy milk on the thin side you can blend the bean pulp a second time for more milk, but use less water.


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